E.I. The Blob

E.I The Blob is an interactive “image-organism” sensitive to sound and touch, created to explore new ways of thinking (being, acting) with the Moving Image. It plays a central role in the artistic research project Non-knowledge, Laughter and the Moving Image led by Annika Larsson, a project which examines the body’s and the moving image’s potential to change our habitual course and to overturn the dominant order of things. . Developed together with Stefan Kernjak and Kiona Niehaus.

E.I, Animaleques -Across Species, Bildmuseet 2019 // E.I with Augustin Maurs during The Sleep Over Experiment at Index Foundation Stockholm, Oct 2019 // Alien Laughter - with Swoopophone and Blob - Annika Larsson / E.I. the Blob / Robin Hayward. Music by Robin Hayward during KANÔN, QANŪN, CANON, (...), KW Berlin 16 Nov 2021 //

E.I The Blob on May 4th 2021 (in collaboration with Kiona Niehaus) //

E.I. The Blob at the exhibition Love, Body and Work, 27 March–9 May 2021 //