19.00 - Anja Dietmann & Bar Collo

bar collo

Starting in September of 2022, the artist and editor of Pfeil Magazine, Anja Dietman, will be curating the bar of the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof for one year. In Italian, "barcollo" means I wobble, I stagger, which is derived from "barca," the boat. "Barcollare" describes the boat´s rocking motion within the waves, which resembles the staggering of drunks, or a person who loses their balance by carrying "collo," a piece of luggage. In Bar Collo, it is not the guests who are swayed, but the drinks. Invitations are extended for performative drinks, food, music and readings. The walls of the bar will feature a new site-specific mural by Bod Mellor. The Bar Collo Display will host a growing bookshelf featuring a publisher specializing in artist books each month.

Anja Dietmann is an artist whose work is dedicated to the degree between understanding and misunderstanding of language. Her artistic practice is a cross-border one, in which disciplines such as performance, music, sculpture or publishing are collaboratively intertwined. She is a founding member of the publishing house Montez Press and since 2012, editor of Pfeil Magazine-a printed exhibition in the format of a magazine.