25 Nov 20:00 Online Reading & Discussion: Samuel R Delany, Among The Blobs

Samuel R Delany, Reading "Among The Blobs" and Discussion, 25.11.2022, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof

Link to reading: mediathek.hfbk.net/lecture2go-portlet/player/iframe

Please email talks@nonknowledge.orgto recieve the zoom link for the reading & conversation or join us on site at KUNSTVEREIN HARBURGER BAHNHOF.

Im Fernbahnhof über
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21079 Hamburg

Among the Blobs

This experimental story details an hour a young gay man spends on the New York City subway in the early 1970s. In those years, the subway system revitalized a campaign from the late 40s, "Miss Subways." Advertisements, one or three to a car, were close to the one reprinted in the story from 1948. During a john stop-off, he achieves some satisfaction . . .

In 2016, Samuel R. Delany was inducted into the New York State Writers Hall of Fame. Filmmaker, novelist, and critic, he is the author of the award-winning books Babel-17 and Dark Reflections, as well as Nova, Dhalgren, and the Return to Nevèrÿon series. A retired professor, he lives in Philadelphia with his partner Dennis. His website is www.samueldelany.com.