26 Nov 2022 22.45 Performance: Liv Fontaine, A gaping hole in the morning is a gaping hole at night

A gaping hole in the morning is a gaping hole at night

25 minute performnace

My name is Venus flytrap. Spinning stories of contradiction, feminism and fiction. About the righteous and the sick. My name is seething caldron where hot thoughts meet small talk made worse by unshakeable conditions of worth. Why do people always say: you're bubbly when you’ve got big tits? Why do people never say: chaotic disasters can be cathartic. I'm trying hard to identify hot thoughts -cognitive distortions and useless information relating to the mental health status of the closest most distant relation. I'm not a woman who likes small talk, no I'm not a woman who likes small talk. I'm frustrated. I'm humiliated. I’m filled with rage and tension. Some people say prolonged provocation leads to aggression and death while others say stroke deprivation leads to depression and death. Bad perception becomes good presentation and working it out, working it out, working it out just isn't working. The performance of progress becomes the performance of madness but isn't it better to be mad than sad? Isn't it better to be bad then mad? Live a good life die a good death but isn't it better to be A fool dancing on a cliff edge?

Liv Fontaine is an artist working in Southampton, UK. Her research-led practice focuses on deconstructing and redefining accepted ideas of sexuality, sickness and status in modern society. Her live performances speak in the language of hysteria, trauma, pleasure and desperation. Situating herself in the pig trough and examining her own complicity in this orgy of depravity, she tells stories featuring familiar stock characters and their subsequent realities. Over the past 10 years she has exhibited and performed in numerous group shows and solo presentations in venues including galleries, artist led spaces and bars. In 2021 her work was shown by both Civic Room and Cabbage Arts at Glasgow International Arts festival, a solo exhibitions of her drawings was presented online by the Richard Saltoun Gallery as part of the Woman 2.1 programme and a book of her drawings titled ‘A Gloomy Masturbation’ was published by CPRESS. She is currently working on new dance music.