Sat 26 Nov 19:00 PERFORMANCE: Gabriela Guimarães, Live-Sendung »Bonjour Madame« moderiert von Ruth

Live-Sendung "Bonjour Madame" moderiert von Ruth, by Gabriela Guimarães, Kvhb 2022 //

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Bonjour Madame is a fictional television program hosted by Ruth. The flame-haired host deals with topics like colonization and pop culture at the same time. She brings special guests, questions her audience and, together with her dancers, interrupts any silence or too much seriousness with lively songs.

Gabriela Guimarães was born in Brazil, Belo Horizonte. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in German Language Literature from the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature at UFMG. In addition to her studies, she attended various photography courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts. As a writer, she develops narratives in which a dialogue is created between the everyday and her personal experiences. Reality and fiction play a major role in this. To this end, she works with staged photography, performance, film, assemblage, installation, and literary text. The fascination for the reciprocity between the public and the private in pop culture is formed by two of her art figures, Margarete, who does not take herself seriously, and Ruth, presenter of the show ,,Bonjour Madame".