Reoccuring Performance: Julia Lykke Sørensen & Karoline Leonora Seideline Banke, Two Tall Tale Tellers

Are a babbling performance collective investigating the clownesk span between laughter and seriousness. Under the masks there is a story to behold for the ones who dare to listen. We live in a society where we are told to listen to those who deliver certainty speak clearly and one-sided. The joker at the court was the only person who would dare to speak against the King. Nobody took them serious, they were laughing at them! But behind the laughter fear takes hiding. Fear of hearing the truth. The truth is never straight never clear never one-sided and never certain. Loud, hysteric, seductive and repelling TWOTALLTALETELLERS speak through a mask excluded from everyday society. The collective is based in Hamburg (DE) and Esbjerg (DK) consisting of Julia Lykke and Karoline Leonora Seidelin Banke.

Julia Lykke Sørensen: Part archeologist, part musician, part actor, part artist and fulltime sailor. Julia Lykke Sørensen spends most time with wind in their hair, preferably in their sails or with their head buried deep in whatever they might hyper focus on when they wake up in the morning. Born and living at the Danish Westcoast in Esbjerg, where the tides are ever changing together with the landscape, they take most of their inspiration from, alongside the harsh and cold environment of the harbor and life at sea. Lived a long time in Amsterdam and in Hamburg, where sailors for many years have had their shore-leaves, to engage with the culture and history of the harbor cities. Besides sailing the northsea and the Waddensea in old traditional sailing ships, they have been crossing the atlantic on a full-rigger and sailed classical schooners in the Mediterranean.

Karoline Leonora Seidelin Banke is an artist. She lives in Germany, comes from Denmark and is going to Guinea Bissau. She is playing porcelain flutes and instruments of need. She makes paper costumes and flower costumes and costumes of textile and clay. She worked for Nordisk Teater Laboratorium as a freelancer for four years. There she was the musical co-director of a Danish-South Korean co-production. There she worked as an actress of physical theatre and there she was someones production assistant and made costumes of different kinds. Pretty ones. With flowers and stuff. She is now finishing her Thesis on labyrinths and translation at HFBK and is learning Portuguese and overtone singing. Recently she started the performance collective TWOTALLTALETELLERS with Julia Lykke Sørensen and they went busking with a street performance in Amsterdam and Edinbrough this summer and performed on the waddensea island Fanø.