Wetlands, Wetware and Hard drives - terrestrial vibrations

Der Offene Mund:
Wetlands, Wetware and Hard drives - terrestrial vibrations

workshop & public event
STUDIO PERAGINE, Versmannstra├če 16, in HafenCity
5 APRIL, 7-8 JUNE 2022

with Alice Peragine, Annika Larsson, Clara Midon, Jacopo Asam, Jodok Humm, Jori Kehn, Jun Long, Ki Bui, Maxime Chabal, Nina Gohl, SeoIn Song, Sojin Park, Soohyun Kim, Sophie Golly and Yuwen Huang.

This three day laboratory led by Annika Larsson & Alice Pergaine in Hafen City at Studio Peragine consisted of experimentations, recordings, music sets, performances, screenings, discussions as well as social moments of cooking and eating together.

Wriggling through muddy waters we collectivly explored wetlands / swamps / wetware-circuitry /algorhythms / milieus of connectedness / laughter from underneath the surface / pavement cracking-up / over-flowing / flood-control / molasses / collapse / Hamburg - our brittle fortress /

Der Offene Mund is a series of events at HFBK Hamburg with students and invited guests, a room for performance, the moving image, sound, experimentation and socialization, initiated by Prof. Annika Larsson and done in the frame of the artistic research project Non-knowledge, Laughter & The Moving Image, in collaboration with HFBK Hamburg and RIA Stockholm with financial support from The Swedish Research Council